Chris Harold

Bri Werkheiser, Business Operations Manager

Bri Werkheiser is Milestone’s Business Operations Manager. As part of her responsibilities, she prepares the company’s responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), analyzes site portfolios for landowners, maintains a contact database and distributes marketing pieces to get the word out about Milestone’s current and future projects. She also handles Land Bank/Landowner relationships, new site proposals and Master Agreement renewals. Bri thrives on helping others within the company and wearing many hats.

Bri joined Milestone in 2017 as an office manager. She proved to be a fast learner and a good problem solver, traits that allowed her to take on more responsibilities and establish herself as a highly valued member of the team. Before Milestone, she was a marketing and advertising assistant with Maryland’s Public Safety and Correctional Services Department. While there, she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations and Advertising from Towson University.

Outside of work, Bri enjoys volunteering and giving back to her community. She is a certified drone pilot, professional photographer and expert home remodeler.