Chinn Cell Tower is Completed

June 5, 2017

The tower at the Chinn Park complex has been completed and the compliments are coming in!

I am pleased with how the cell tower looks, we have received several compliments. Thank you Milestone for your patience in working through all of our processes!” – Ruth M. Anderson, Occoquan District Supervisor for Prince William County

The 105’ marquee tower sits at the front of the Chinn property, near the Chinn Park Library and the Chinn Park Aquatics and Fitness Center. Fields and recreation areas sit further into the park. The artwork of flora and fauna was custom designed to complement the natural landscape.

The Chinn Center is a Prince William County Parks facility which is covered under Milestone’s partnership agreement with the County. Verizon and T-Mobile are both slated to locate on the tower, which will provide a recurring revenue stream for years to come.

Photos below:

chinn cell tower picture one chinn cell tower picture two chinn cell tower picture three