PA and SC Opting for FirstNet

November 10, 2017

Reprinted from Inside Towers

Pennsylvania and South Carolina are the 27th and 28th states choosing to use the FirstNet and AT&T plan to provide wireless broadband communications for emergency service personnel. Officials from both states confirmed their belief the network would make the jobs of first responders safer. In a press release from, South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster stated, “Our public safety personnel need and deserve resources that will help keep them safe and allow them to deliver the best possible services for our communities, and that’s why I’m proud to work with FirstNet and AT&T to bring this innovative technology to our state.”

The networks are being offered free of cost to states, and just over half have decided in favor of adopting FirstNet’s plan so far. Officials from the organization have been meeting with public safety leaders from each state since 2014 to decide specific network customizations for each individual state.

Some of Pennsylvania’s include, making deployables readily available in less populated areas and allowing volunteer first responders to bring their own devices. On the other hand, South Carolina’s first responders will receive improved coastal coverage, and dedicated network assets if additional coverage is needed. Each state considered proposals from multiple vendors before making the decision to use the FirstNet plan. AT&T will build, operate, and maintain the secured wireless network.