Hebron Harman Foundation Is Completed

November 27, 2017

Milestone completed the foundation for a wireless tower that will be located at Frank Hebron-Harman Elementary School in Pasadena, MD. The new $18 million facility opened back in 2007 and was named after Frank Hebron, who was principal of the original school in 1955 before going on to become supervisor of county schools in 1962. Hebron is the second African-American educator in Anne Arundel County’s history to have a public school named in his honor. The planned 110’ tree pole will be erected with assistance from Teltronic Towers, Inc., in a 50’ by 50’ locked compound next to an existing soccer field. Anne Arundel County Public Schools​ will receive 40% of all gross revenue from all the carriers locating on the tower. T-Mobile will be the first carrier to locate on the tower, with space for four additional carriers.

See below for photos of the foundation construction: