Stony Point Tower Is Stacked

September 27, 2018

Milestone has stacked the wireless tower (a 135′ monopole), at the Stony Point Fire Department in Charlottesville, Virginia. With the amount of rain we have had in the area, it took some creativity and great team work to get the tower to the site. We offloaded the tower in the fire department parking lot. The tractor trailer was carrying 23,000 lbs of steel, therefore we transferred the sections one at a time onto a heavy duty trailer. Thank you to everyone on our team and to HELPCOmm Inc, a great team effort!

Shentel will be the first carrier on the tower with room for four additional carriers. The Stony Point Fire Department will receive 40% of all gross revenue generated from carriers locating on the cell tower. From the Stony Point Fire Department website: “Before 1972 the community members of Stony Point relied on the city of Charlottesville for fire service. During rush-hour traffic, response times are 20-30 minutes at best, from city apparatus. A meeting was called to discuss the need for a fire company and by the end of the night, the Stony Point Volunteer Fire Company was established. Thanks to a generous donor, 10 acres of land was set aside just off Stony Point Road. Our first apparatus, an American LaFrance, began running calls out of a barn at Park Hill until completion of the station construction in 1974. In that same year, Stony Point was incorporated as a fire company.”

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