North Hagerstown High School

When students and faculty return to North Hagerstown High School for the fall semester, they will notice a welcome change: better wireless connectivity thanks to a newly completed cell tower near the school’s Mike Callas Stadium.

Milestone Communications built the 115-foot marquee-style structure. Each of the tower’s three sides has graphic panels to conceal telecom equipment installed on the tower.

“The tower will significantly improve our capacity to meet the area’s growing demand for faster, more reliable wireless service,” said Stephen Schutte, a Hagerstown-area retail manager for Sprint. “This includes an ability for residents to make emergency 911 phone calls when the need arises.”

Shentel Communications, a Sprint affiliate, and AT&T will lease space on the tower, which has room for two more carriers.

Washington County Public Schools will receive a yearly site fee of $20,000, plus 40% of all gross revenue generated from the carriers located on the tower.

The county’s Board of Education is going to dedicate the tower’s revenue to building renovations and other capital improvements at the high school, whose current location opened in 1958.

“The tower had some moving parts that added to its complexity but we are very pleased with the outcome” said Matt Penning, Milestone’s project manager for the site at North Hagerstown High School. “We were fortunate to partner with Washington County Public Schools, whose support enabled us to create a structure that is both attractive and highly functional.”