Woodbridge High School

While Milestone Communications takes a personal approach for each project, the wireless tower developer has an especially close connection to its newly completed tower at Woodbridge High School: project manager Matt Penning happens to be an alumnus of the Prince William County, VA-based school.

The 134-foot monopole sits on the southeastern portion of the Woodbridge High School campus, adjacent to the school’s soccer and football fields. Milestone completed the tower’s construction over the summer, when the school also installed a new turf football field, upgraded the track surface and added new LED athletic lighting. In addition to re-mounting the stadium field lights at their original height, the school system equipped the monopole with another set of lights aimed at the previously unlit practice field.

“It was exciting to come back and be a small part of the stadium renovation project,” said Penning, a 2008 Woodbridge High School graduate. “The school’s administrative leaders and facilities team deserve credit for coordinating a highly complex master plan and working us in at the eleventh hour.”

Given the space constraints, Milestone had to get creative to comply with a zoning requirement to add landscaping around the equipment fence. “We received approval for a fence that featured a promotional school design on the sides where we couldn’t fit in the landscaping,” said Penning. “It’s the first time we’ve done this type of fence – and so far, the feedback has been positive.”

T-Mobile will lease space on the tower, which has room for three more carriers. Prince William County Public Schools will receive site fees and 40% of all gross revenue generated from the carriers located on the tower. A portion of the money will go directly to Woodbridge High. Both the school and nearby neighborhoods will benefit from the improved service provided by the tower, the third one built by Milestone for Prince William County’s school system.

When he started at Milestone, Penning had no idea that his job would take him to such a familiar place. “Working on the Woodbridge High tower put me in a position to help improve wireless connectivity for the next generation of students,” he said. “It’s been a great opportunity.”