Proudly Serving Our Partner Organizations


Wireless Carriers

A reliable resource for wireless carriers seeking to expand capacity on public sites, with over 2,600 sites in our portfolio and growing.

Municipal Landowners

Creating successful private-public partnerships with schools, counties, cities, parks, utilities and other government landowners.

On working with Milestone:

“SEC is excited about our partnership with Milestone Communications. We are looking forward to the potential communications and technology opportunities, within the communities we serve in rural Virginia, that come with combining our assets and infrastructure with the expertise of Milestone.”

Frankie Jackson, SEC Network Administrator

“Milestone was forthcoming with everything from scientific information related to public safety to providing photo simulations that helped residents visualize the final project before it had even begun.”
Lynchburg City Schools

Ben Copeland, Assistant Superintendent of Operations & Administration

“Milestone’s expertise is invaluable. Our partnership, which has spanned 12 years and the construction of 30 towers, has established a critical annual revenue stream for the school system.”
Fairfax County Public Schools

Jeffrey Platenberg, Assistant Superintendent

“Having a resource like Milestone to share best practices and provide a template for how these projects get completed smoothly was extremely helpful. Milestone has this process down.”
City of Fairfax

Peter Noonan, Superintendent of Schools

“Milestone has proven to be an outstanding partner. They were invaluable in getting our twelve sites through the complicated permitting and site plan approval process in seven different localities.”
Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD)

Ted Henifin, General Manager

“We look forward to working with Milestone to identify and market school sites for tower installations. They bring extensive experience with tower installations, community outreach, and tower designs that blend into surrounding environments.”
Greenville County Schools

Jeff Knotts, Executive Director of Finance