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We are diligent in every step of the process, from leasing to approvals and construction.  We maintain a close relationship with all wireless carriers and continuously communicate with the landowners.

Asset Management

Milestone professionally manages existing assets including towers, water tanks, rooftops, and transmission structures to generate revenue for landowners.



What sets us apart is our transparent communication with the communities where we build.  We create websites that show the need, the appearance and creates opportunities for engagement.


Safety is our top concern. We recognize concerns regarding radio frequency (RF) safety, especially as it relates to families near wireless tower sites. Construction Safety over 19 years, we have had no construction incidences.

Milestone shares the revenue it collects from wireless carriers with the landowners.  Over a ten year period, our towers generate over $400,000 yearly in income for the landowners.

Safety and Community

Government and school properties are preferred sites for bringing wireless coverage to communities because they are centrally located, have enough space to reduce the visual impact of towers on surrounding neighborhoods and have more amenable zoning for tower placement.

Given the public nature of such partnerships, Milestone is committed to high standards of safety, legal and regulatory compliance and a development process that far exceeds regulatory standards for communication and transparency.

We are dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive and frequently updated resource that includes Milestone’s ongoing efforts, the latest health and safety information, studies and a forum for you ask questions.

The Science Behind Cell Tower Safety
While public anxiety around cell tower safety over the past three decades has been understandable, it also has produced a wealth of research that should put to rest any remaining doubts about public safety and cell towers.

Below is a summary of the findings by the nation’s leading guardians of public safety:


Defining RF Energy
Wireless towers contain antenna panels that are two-way radios. They communicate by producing RF (radio frequency) energy at very low levels – so low that they require special equipment just to detect it.

RF energy from wireless towers should not be confused with “ionizing” radiation from other sources such as medical x-rays. RF energy does not have enough energy to ionize – break apart or damage the biological materials in cells – and is referred to as “non-ionizing” radiation. Non-ionizing radio energy is all around us, emanating from TV, radio, Wi-Fi transmitters, microwave ovens and baby monitors.

RF levels from the antenna are regularly analyzed and measured on all of Milestone’s sites. Some studies of our sites show that RF levels were 1,000 times lower than the FCC threshold. And the FCC threshold is 50 times lower than levels that could cause harm.

Safety At The Site
Milestone is sensitive to the unique access and security issues associated with school and government locations, and we are diligent in vetting the qualifications of contractors performing work on Milestone sites.

The equipment necessary to operate the tower is located behind a locked fence. This equipment compound is approximately 2,500 square feet, depending on the specific site locations. Each wireless provider has a 10’ x 20’ area within the compound for the required ground equipment.

Milestone is compliant with all applicable building codes. Our facilities are constructed in accordance with the ANSI/TIA-222-G structural design standards, which meet the requirements of each local jurisdiction’s building code.

A Tower for Every Location

We custom design solutions that blend with their existing environments.